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AC/DC’s “Night Prowler” or the cult TV movie “The Night Stalker” could probably both claim credit for Richard Ramirez’s nickname – if they wanted to.The epithet came about from his series of late night home invasions that plagued the Los Angeles area in the mid-1980s.These are the origins of Berkowitz’ metamorphosis into the Son of Sam, who was also known as The .44 Caliber Killer– his murder weapon of choice when attacking couples parked in cars.The Satanic implications behind Berkowitz’s nickname held New York City in a grip of fear during 1976 and ‘77.

This, combined with Ramirez’s brazen personality and heavy metal musical taste, made him a nighttime predator without remorse.This led to the origins of Schaefer’s Sex Beast moniker, which encapsulated the man’s unrepentant behavior towards any young woman unfortunate enough to cross his path.There’s poor bedside manner, and then there’s Harold Shipman. Death,” due to the alarmingly high mortality rate among his patients. It was later revealed that Shipman had been intentionally poisoning his patients with high amounts of diamorphine, and then claiming a different cause of death on a false certificate.It was written in the taunting letters Rader wrote to the media and police after his brutal crimes, and was reflected in Rader’s horrific methods of madness.Bind, Torture Kill was the killer’s calling card, as Rader left a bloody trail of death throughout the Kansas area.

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